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XRW - 300 - b thermal deformation, vicat softening point temperature tester

XRW - 300 - b thermal deformation, vicat softening point temperature tester


XRW - 300 - b thermal deformation, vicat softening point temperature tester
A product introduction;
Thermal deformation and vicat softening point temperature tester is mainly used for non-metallic materials, such as plastic, rubber, nylon, electrical insulating materials, etc.) of the thermal deformation temperature and vicat softening point measurement.With stable quality, simple operation, which is a chemical enterprises, scientific research units, colleges and universities and other industries ideal testing tools.
Two features:
1 sample for one-piece structure, small expansion coefficient, the experimental data is truthful and accurate.
2 use molding unit controller of temperature, the heating rate, temperature display control.
3 the operation is simple, easy to use, stable performance.
4 display mode;The computer control
Three standard;
The instrument is in conformity with the ISO75 ISO306, GB1633-2000, GB8802 GB1634-2004-2004 standard, etc
Four main technical parameters
1 scope of temperature control: at room temperature to 300 ℃;
Heating rate: 120 plus or minus 10 ℃ / h (12 ℃ + / - 1 ℃ / 6 min)
50 + / - 5 ℃ / h (0.5 ℃ / 5 ℃ + 6 min)
Deformation measurement range: 3 measurement range of 0 ~ 10.000 mm, deformation resolution of 0.001 mm, deformation measurement accuracy 0.005 mm
Sample frame number 4:3;
5 samples span: 64 + / - 1 mm 100 + / - 1 mm
6 maximum heating power: 4 kw;
7 cooling method: natural cooling, cooling water circulation
8 the heating medium: methyl silicone oil (below 200 CST viscosity, flash point above 300 ℃).
9 host power for ac three-phase five line 380 v + 10%, 50 hz, 5 kw.With water cooling system.
10 d card rod load with a load board, fixed in rigid metal frame, can be free to move in the vertical direction.Load the pole and metal parts should have the same coefficient of expansion.
11 pressure with hard steel needle, 3 mm long, cross-sectional area was 1.000 + / - 0.015 was the cylinder pressure under the needle surface should be smooth, perpendicular to the axis of the load bar, no burr.
12 size is 645 mmx670mmx1450mm shape.
The function of the implementation:
1, real-time display of test temperature and temperature - deformation curve.
2, during the trial, through input the size of the sample, can automatically calculate the test required to load quality.
3, on-line temperature, the deformation within the scope of use and arbitrarily set.
4, error correction automatically by the software.
5, test curve set arbitrary color, can show and hide, real-time and arbitrary curve width thickness conversion.
6, or to limit temperature when the experiment is complete has alarm function, and automatically stop heating.
7, after completion of test, print test curve and test report.Query all previous test record and test curve can redraw all previous test.
8, the user can use of their software for level 3 password protection.
9, must use the positive plate software installation, system won't be able to run.