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Typical - 05 - a digital display type electronic tensile testing machine

Typical - 05 - a digital display type electronic tensile testing machine


Typical - 05 - a digital display type electronic tensile testing machine
A, the main purpose and scope of use
This machine is mainly used for various non-metallic and composite materials for regular mechanics performance test.Professional design of automatic control and data acquisition system, realize the fully digital adjustment in the process of data acquisition and control.This equipment can do tensile, compression, bending test on the material.The equipment is suitable for the aerospace, petrochemical industry, glass fiber, ceramic, waterproofing materials, wire and cable, spring, textile, fiber, rubber, plastics, food, pharmaceutical packaging, geotextile, thin films, such as wood, paper manufacturing and product quality supervision departments at all levels, at the same time also applies to colleges teaching demonstration work.
Second, the main technical indicators
1. The biggest test of power: 500 n;
Step 2. The test force: 500 n.200 n.40 n;
3. The test force measuring accuracy: 20% per file is superior to the value plus or minus 1%
4. The speed measuring range: 0.5 to 500 mm/min
5. Speed measuring accuracy: + / - 1%;
6. Stretching schedule: 0 ~ 600 mm;
7. Power supply: 220 v, 50 hz
8 can print test results (optional)
Three, the function is introduced
: 1. Automatic calibration system can automatically realize the accuracy of calibration value;
2. Gear switch: according to the size of the test force to switch to the appropriate range, to ensure the accuracy of measurement data;
3. Auto show: in the whole test process, real-time display test force, displacement, peak, etc;
4. Breaking judgment: sample after fracture, moving beam automatic stop moving;    
5. Limit protection: with mechanical and SPC two level limit protection function;
6 with a microcomputer interface, test process can be an external microcomputer control and data storage and print (optional)
Fourth, the system configuration
1. 200 n a host;
2. Drawing special statement of a set of;
3. High precision stepping servo motor is a vice;
4. Stepping servo motor drives a pair;
5. A high precision reduction system;
6. 200 n load sensor, a high precision;
7. High precision encoders a;
8. A single-chip microcomputer control system;