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WJX - 16 high-speed mechanical stability tester

WJX - 16 high-speed mechanical stability tester


WJX - 16 high-speed mechanical stability tester
Function, scope of application:
High-speed mechanical stability tester is mainly used in the latex production units and scientific research institutes to natural rubber latex and synthetic latex mechanical stability tests, instruments are essential to improve the quality of latex.
The motor reserve capacity is large, using high reliability, large torque of the motor, speed control system can real-time according to adjust the motor speed, motor load change speed is accurate, smooth and adjustable speed.
Execution standard: in accordance with ISO standard for 35
The main technical parameters:
1) use conditions: temperature 10 ℃ to 40 ℃, humidity < 85% RH;
2) the stirring speed: 14000 RPM to 14000 RPM +;
3) : of error of 0.1% or less;
4) measurement resolution: 1 RPM;
5) display mode: LED display;
7) the highest speed: 20000 RPM;The minimum speed: 2000 RPM;
8) size: 400 mm * 350 mm * 350 mm;
9) net weight: about 30 kg;
10) of the specifications of the mixing disc:
Natural latex: 20.83 + / - 0.03 mm in diameter 1.57 + / - 0.05 mm thick
Synthetic latex: 36.12 + / - 0.03 mm in diameter 1.58 + / - 0.05 mm thick
11) latex container: 130 + 2 mm, 58 plus or minus 2 mm diameter
12) 1 hour for continuous operation.
13) the instrument size: 400 mm * 350 mm * 740 mm
14) the required space: around 0.5 m, 1.0 m or so
15) power: 2000 va 220 vac 50 hz
Structure and working principle:
Speed control part adopts advanced frequency control of motor speed control mode, the use of negative feedback technology, can accurate speed control, the fulfillment of wide range of speed setting and adjustment, and has a variety of display mode, can be directly display speed.
Mixing disc and the interference fit for the stirring shaft, clamp assembly, to ensure the concentric mixing disc and the rotation axis, the motor through dynamic balance test to ensure the motor in the case of a 14000 RPM, the motion of the shaft is not greater than 0.25 mm.
Latex vessel adopts flexible connection way and bracket to connect, latex vessel and fixed with a cup of Joe rise or fall, limit set along the direction of the post of latex fixed position at the bottom of the container from mixing disc at the bottom of the distance, the instrument has adjusted the location, users do not need to adjust the position of the limit set.
Instrument the overall centre of gravity is solid, supporting strong, not easy deformation, container positioning by locating piece.