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Wjhc-6 automatic oxygen index tester

Wjhc-6 automatic oxygen index tester

Code: 000002865
Series: 220
Spec: Equipped with
Material: Stainless steel
Color: white
Brand: wanji
Model: yes

Wjhc-6 automatic oxygen index tester

Automatic oxygen index tester (with smoke exhaust fume hood)

A, automatic oxygen index tester product features

Oxygen index tester conforms to the flammability test method of plastic oxygen index GB/T2406-2008 and the flammability test of textile oxygen index ASTM D 2863, ISO 4589-2 and other standards of the national standard, used to assess the combustion performance of polymers under specified test conditions, That is, the minimum percentage by volume concentration of oxygen at which the polymer can sustain combustion. Suitable for plastics, rubber, fiber, foam plastics, film and film, textile and other materials to determine the burning performance.

The digital display oxygen index tester is a kind of accurate, reproducible, convenient and quick testing instrument for the determination of polymer combustion. This instrument can not only be used as a means to identify the flammability of polymers, but also as a research instrument.

1. Full color touch screen control, just set the oxygen concentration value on the touch screen, the program will automatically adjust to the oxygen concentration balance and give a beep prompt, so as to avoid the trouble of manual regulation of oxygen concentration; One key calibration of oxygen concentration, data storage

2. The stepping proportional valve is adopted to greatly improve the control accuracy of flow. The closed-loop control is adopted to automatically adjust the oxygen concentration drift program back to the target value during the test, which avoids the disadvantage that the traditional oxygen index tester cannot adjust the oxygen concentration during the test and greatly improves the test accuracy.

3. The equipment is equipped with fume hood, which can exhaust smoke automatically;

Two, automatic oxygen index tester related standards

GB/T 246.2 GB/T 2406 ASTM D 2863, ISO 4589-2, NES 714   GB/T 5454 GB/T 10707   GB/T 8924   GB/T 16581   NB/SH/T 0815-2010   TB/T 2919

IEC 61144   ISO 15705    ISO 4589-2

Three, automatic oxygen index tester related technical parameters

1. Imported oxygen sensor, digital display oxygen concentration without calculation, higher accuracy and more accurate, range 0-100

2. Display accuracy ±0.01

3. Touch screen setting program to automatically adjust oxygen concentration

4. One-click calibration accuracy

5. One-bond ratio concentration

6. Automatic warning sound when oxygen concentration is stable

7. With timing function

8. Can store experimental data

9. Historical data can be queried

10. Historical data can be cleared

11. You can choose whether to burn 50mm

12. Air source fault prompt

13. Oxygen sensor fault prompt

14. Oxygen and nitrogen are incorrectly connected

15. Oxygen sensor aging prompt

16. Input standard oxygen concentration

17. The diameter of combustion cylinder can be set (two common specifications are optional)

18 flow regulation range: 0-20L/min (0-1200L/h)

19 quartz glass cylinder: one of two specifications (inner diameter ≥75㎜ or inner diameter ≥85㎜)

20 combustion cylinder gas flow rate: 40mm±2mm/s

21. Overall dimension: 80cm*40*102cm

22. Outer diameter of automatic smoke exhaust pipe: 7.6cm

23 test environment: ambient temperature: room temperature ~ 40℃; , relative humidity: ≤70%;

24. Input pressure: 0.25-0.3mpa

25. Working pressure: Nitrogen 0.15-0.20mpa oxygen 0.15-0.20mpa

26. Propane (butane) ignition system, ignition nozzle is made of a metal tube, the end has an inner diameter φ 2±1mm nozzle, can be freely bent. Can be inserted into the combustion cylinder to ignite the sample, flame length: 16±4mm, 5mm-60mm size can be freely adjusted,

27. Gas: industrial nitrogen, oxygen, purity > 99%; (Note: Air source and link header are provided by users)

Tips: Not less than 98% of each bottle of industrial-grade oxygen/nitrogen should be used as the gas source for the oxygen index tester test. Because the above gas is a high-risk transportation product, it cannot be provided as an accessory for the oxygen index tester and can only be purchased at the user's local gas station. (In order to ensure the purity of the gas, please purchase from the local normal gas station)

28. Power requirement: AC220 (+10%) V, 50HZ

29. Use power: 150W

30 self-supporting material sample clip: can be fixed on the combustion cylinder axis position, and can be vertical clip sample

31. Non-self-supporting material sample clip: the two vertical sides of the sample can be fixed on the frame at the same time (optional/applied to textiles and other soft non-self-supporting materials)

32. It can be upgraded to the Internet of Things: control and read data through the router and save the data to the computer, and print reports